Friday, November 17, 2006

The Holidays!

They're here again!

I've totally already got the Christmas spirit. It's awesome. I started decorating the house today. Our little fake tree is so pathetic, but we love it.

This is the first year we get to have Christmas in beautiful Oregon. We lived here last year, of course, but we were in California for Christmas, with family. I don't think I ever got the Christmas spirit in 2005. So sad. Stress sucks.

But this year I have Christmas planned to the hilt. Christmas ships, Christmas trolleys, Christmas trains, Trees, Tree lightings, Holiday Bazaars - you name it, we're getting our holidays on at it. It would be nice if snow made an appearance or two this season (*hint, hint*)

And so, for the first time in 2006 - *~* Happy Holidays, all! *~*

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