Saturday, September 23, 2006

Life Is Good

The happy couple loved the wedding pictures. They even gave me a very nice tip after the viewing. I am just so thrilled to be making money doing something I love, I can't even tell you.

A Few Favorites

After careful selection and editing I have 292 photos to present to the happy couple tonight, on their one week anniversary.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ten Hours Later...

I can now never say I haven't ever shot a wedding again!

It was long - I've been shooting since this morning at 7am and the reception ended at 5 - but I'm happy with the initial results. Total pictures taken: 1037 (with another couple hundred at the rehearsal last night.) I'll let you know how many survive the editing process.

Pictures to come. For now I'm going to eat a ton of junk food in my sweat pants and watch 6 episodes of Lost in a row with Jason. That is damn good TV.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Wedding Plans

I met with the wedding couple this weekend and we came up with a plan of action for the big day. It's going to be long, but it should be a lot of fun!

First thing in the morning I'm going over to their home to record the all-important bride prep. After she's all wedding-ready we're caravaning the couple plus about 15 relatives to the shoot location to do the majority of the photos. This shoot will actually take place before the ceremony, due to logistical necessity.

The best part is the shoot location. We decided, since neither the church nor the reception location would make great backdrops for pictures, to choose a third location for the main shoot. Being in Portland there are many beautiful locations to choose from. Happily, we ended up picking one of my favorite places: The International Rose Test Gardens!

So we'll have a couple of hours to spend there before heading to the church where the pastor (not being a religious person I don't know if this is the correct term. The church guy.) has given strict instructions. I'm only to take a few shots during the actual ceremony. The "important moments." So we decided on each member of the bridal party's entrance, the bride's entrance (of course!), the rings, the kiss and the couple's departure.

And the last segment of the day will be the reception which will last for a few hours. There I'll take the cake cutting, bouquet tossing, toasts and lots of candids while Jason makes awkward small talk with the couple's relatives. And that will be that!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This Week

To all the four and a half people who read this:

I want to go somewhere really amazing for a daytrip this week. Can you suggest a destination, ideally within a couple of hours drive time from Portland? It can be anything - urban, hiking, inside, outside, I just want to see something new and spectacular.

Can you help with suggestions?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Our People

We've got ourselves some people. Real Estate Agent lady and Mortgage Broker guy, to be more specific.

Our current plan is to get into a little condo or townhouse in an area we can afford, then upgrade in 2-3 years. We're looking in Lake Oswego, a few other areas around Portland, and Vancouver (Washington, not BC, although I would be thrilled to live there someday.)

We are really pretty flexible about this first place. We want it to be light (or at least not dark,) clean, and in a relatively safe area that is on good bus lines and is not too far from Jason's work. Ideally Jason will be able to finally take the bus himself, or even walk if we end up in Vancouver.

So, this is the beginning of our home-buying adventures. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

PDX, I Love You

Back from my trip, which will forever be known officially as my "Parenting Boot Camp."

Trauma, drama - the last 10 days had it all. The good news is: my sister is almost fully recovered and her husband is back in the good old US of A. And I am back here, in my wonderful beautiful Oregon on my fantastic couch with my cutie dog. I may never leave again!

Oh, except for on the 16th when - you'll never believe it - I'm shooting a wedding. Me. Yes, I'm serious. Oh. My. I'm totally excited and totally terrified!

Okay, I have to go be around all of my stuff now, and get re-acquainted with TiVo. I'll leave you with my favorite shot from my trip: