Friday, December 15, 2006

A Day Without Power Is Like...

I don't know what it's like, but it sucks.

We're approaching our 24th hour without power. I finally packed up the laptop and headed out on a wifi hunt.

I go to the library, where I know there's wifi - and it is closed. Because it, too, has no power. But there is someone surfing away outside, using the library's connection. How it is running without electricity I don't know, but I couldn't take advantage of it because we ran out the battery watching DVDs last night. I thought I was being clever when I plugged into an exterior outlet, only to feel like a jackass when I realized it wasn't working because - duh - the power is out.

So next I try Peet's. I couldn't even find an outlet there, but I did get warm and some coffee. Neither of which is available at home so it was still a definite improvement.

Finally, finally I find the solace that is Moonstruck and I find an outlet where I can recharge both the computer and the phone. And there's also some wifi to borrow (thanks, wifi provider!) and some more coffee. I may still look like I'm homeless, but at least I'm all re-teched.

Here's hoping they figure it out soon. I miss my lights.

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